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Crown PTH Pallet Jack Model Options

PTH Standard

Features a 5000 lb weight
capacity, heavy-duty, one
piece formed forks for
maximum durability, and a
hydraulic system tested to
more than one million cycles. Learn
more about our warranty here.

Unit Price = $459.00
+ FREE Shipping


PTH with Load Tray

Delivers the benefits of the
standard PTH and features
a factory installed load tray
with 50 lb capacity, ideal for
storage or transportation of
small items and compatible
with a wide range of Crown
Work Assist accessories. Learn
more about our warranty here.

Unit Price = $829.00
+ FREE Shipping


PTH Powered Scissors Lift

Features an electrically powered
hydraulic system that can lift up
to 2200 lbs. Compatible with skids,
totes and open bottom pallets, it is
ideal for applications requiring
frequently varied working heights.

Unit Price = $3,349.00
+ FREE Shipping


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Model Width Length Fork Width Capacity Unit Price* Quantity
27 in 48 in 6.3 in 5000 lb $459
20 in 48 in 6.3 in 5000 lb $459
20 in 36 in 6.3 in 5000 lb $459
with Load Tray
27 in 48 in 6.3 in 5000 lb $829
Powered Scissors Lift
21.25 in 45.3 in 6.3 in 2200 lb $3,349
* Unit Price does not include sales tax.
All prices are listed in U.S. Dollars (USD).            

Buyers' Reference Guide

  • Use the numbers on the illustration below to highlight
    information about the pallet style and dimensions.
pallet example                     

Pallets come in many sizes and configurations, all pallets fall into two very broad categories: “stringer” or “block” pallets. In addition, hand pallet trucks are used to move tubs or wire baskets. In some cases, only numbers 1, 2 and 5 may need to be considered.